On teaching…

I love teaching because it feels good to help young people develop. They give me as much as I give them. To teach is to plant a seed for the future. I also enjoy learning new things all the time. And no two days are the same.

On favorite lessons…

One favorite lesson is when the class surveys the labels on their clothing at home to see where their clothes and shoes are made. The results are tabulated and graphed by continent and region. The project leads to further study and discussion of geography, trade, global interdependence and workers’ rights.

This lesson is part of a wider thematic study of peacemaking and the United Nations.

In general my favorite lessons are part of a theme that integrates various subject areas, but it only works when the children are excited about it, when it somehow touches their lives.

On teaching at FCS…

One of the main reasons I look forward to coming to School in the mornings is the pleasure of working with such amazing colleagues. By colleagues I mean all the teachers, administrators and staff, but I particularly treasure the members of my fourth grade team. The four of us are old friends with a long history of working and laughing together. The laughing part is essential, but we also share a spirit of trust, understanding, and mutual respect that’s very rare. I can’t imagine a better working relationship. All the other teachers are also a constant source of inspiration, and I’m always learning from their creativity and insights.

Thanks to our administration, the School runs smoothly. There’s a sense of security and confidence in knowing that when problems arise, they’ll be resolved fairly and efficiently. The administration and board also strongly support both professional and personal growth in the faculty. I’ve taken advantage of several stipends for travel and other enriching projects. Friends’ Central’s core convictions provide a good common ground for discussions and decisions even if at times we interpret them differently.

Outside interests….

I enjoy oil painting, drawing, sculpting, and redeeming found objects. I like cooking, walks in the woods, on the beach, and in cities, and travel to out-of-the-way places. I read a lot, especially history. I also have a pretty good collection of books on jazz, blues, and southern culture and a record collection to match. I generally prefer the sound of my old LP’s to compact discs.