On teaching…

I love teaching because my students are so much
fun. Every year is different and every day
unpredictable because I am always dealing with a different
variety of individuals each of whom brings his or her own special gifts
and attributes to my teaching and to the community. I feel that I
learn a great deal from my students, not just about academics,
but about life and matters of the heart.

In addition, I find that teaching is a nice union of creativity and
intellectualism. Through the research I do in preparation for my
teaching, as well as the process of constantly imagining innovative,
engaging ways to reach my students, I find that I am always learning
and growing. Teaching is interesting, energizing, challenging, and
deeply fulfilling.

On favorite lessons…

After so many years of teaching, it is difficult to choose a
favorite lesson. More so than individual lessons, I enjoy activities,
events and performances that are the culmination of what the children
have learned over a period of time.

On working at FCS…

The Friends’ Central Lower School faculty is a multi-talented,
generous and very supportive group of people. I am inspired daily by
their creativity, skill, and dedication to their teaching. I enjoy
the collaboration that reflects the culture of the school. I am
fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful team.

Outside interests…

I enjoy traveling, reading, art, drama, and going for walks and/or jogs.