A Day with Jeffrey

8:30 Homeroom
8:35 Math
9:15 Spanish
9:55 Recess
10:10 Life Skills
10:35 Science
11:15 Music/Extra Help
11:50 Lunch
12:30Language Arts

Published: May 20, 2009 | By admin

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A Conversation with Jeffrey

On what makes FCS unique…

One thing that I think that Friends’ Central does really well is that the school encourages students to strive for their best in the three A’s (Academics, Arts, Athletics). I also feel that teachers here at FCS are a lot more open and willing to meet with the students outside of class if they have issues with work or if they just want someone to talk to.

On meeting for worship…

I think that the queries we are given at the beginning of meeting for worship are helpful in that they get everybody on the same page in thinking about a certain topic or idea. Meeting for worship gives us time to think about things we may not think about during a busy school day, and I think that it is important to sometimes just have the silence the way we do during meeting.

On service…

My service is “Students of Culture” with Mr. Terrell, and during this time a number of students get together and talk about a range of topics. It’s a time to be open and honest about things we don’t necessarily have time to talk about in other classes, but that we make time to talk about every Wednesday.

On a favorite tradition…

My favorite tradition at FCS has been the musical and choral concerts. I really enjoy seeing what my friends have been up to throughout the year, and I really enjoy the music.

Advice to a new student…

It is certainly important to be organized and ready for the classroom experience, but FCS is a very diverse place, and it has something for each and every person outside of the classroom. Find something that you enjoy doing and make sure that you enjoy life here at FCS both inside and outside the classroom.