A Day with Hannah

8:30 Homeroom
8:40 Meeting for Worship
9:15 Latin
9:55 Dance
10:35 Service and Lunch
12:30 Math
1:50 Science
2:30 Aerobics

A Conversation with Hannah

On what makes FCS unique….

A lot of issues that my friends from other schools say that they have don’t seem to happen here. From a young age at FCS (I’ve been here since kindergarten) I have been taught to work through problems by communication and figuring out how to best solve the issue at hand.

On meeting for worship…

It took some time for me to get used to meeting for worship in the middle school. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to make of the longer period of time in silence and reflection. But as I got older, I really began to appreciate the time spent together with other students and teachers, and all of the thoughtful things that were shared.

On service…

My service project involves me working at the FCS lower school with the current preschoolers, reading to them, playing games, and just keeping them company while I am there. I think that doing service is great because it gives you a new appreciation for what you are fortunate enough to have, and it gives you the chance to give back to others.

My favorite tradition…

My favorite tradition at FCS has been the Secret Sister gifts that the lacrosse team has been doing over the years. During this time, we buy gifts for other members on the team which really brings the team together and allows us to interact with people from various grades. We really focus on becoming stronger as a team first, then about the competition, and this makes the athletic experience an enjoyable one.

Favorite classroom activity…

So far, my favorite classroom assignment has been the Animal Farm project we did in Mr. Terrell’s class. During this project, we had to pick a song of our choice, and change the lyrics so that the new song gave us a better understanding of the novel. It was so much fun to see all of the different kinds of ideas that other people came up with, and then perform in front of each other.

Advice to a new student…

FCS is a very open and welcoming community. Of course there will be some worry about being in a new school, but that usually goes away in the first few days. Just relax and be yourself, and know that everyone is here to help.