A Day with Gil

8:30 Homeroom
8:35 Writers Workshop
9:15 Science
9:55 Recess
10:10 Extra Help
10:35 Language Arts
11:55 Lunch
12:30 Social Studies

A Conversation with Gil


On what makes FCS Unique…

One thing that I think is unique about Friends’ Central is that the teachers here always seem to be available. If you have a problem, teachers will change around their schedule to meet with you to help you find a solution. Also, there are many opportunities to make new friends here through sports, drama, and the different classes that we take, and I think this makes us a tighter community.

On meeting for worship…

Meeting for worship, to me, is a time to ponder your own thoughts as well as the things that other people may stand up and speak about. Because we are a Quaker school, we really focus on the Quaker testimonies and trying to better ourselves and others everyday. Meeting for worship is an opportunity to get together and share our ideas with each other in hopes that our own shared story will positively impact another.

On service…

Service is our chance to give back to someone else. Every Wednesday I go around the school and empty all of the recycling bins with other students. Though another student’s service project may take them outside of our own community, I think my service helps our own community become a more environmentally friendly place, which is also important.

On a favorite tradition at FCS…

My favorite tradition in the Middle School is the Color Games day. At the beginning of the school year, every student is placed on a different team and earns points for their teams throughout the year, and then at the end of the year, we have a huge competition dedicated to different games and activities. It is definitely something I look forward to.

Advice to a new student…

There are so many opportunities here at FCS inside and outside the classroom. My advice to a new student would be to use your time wisely and take advantage of everything that is offered. Try something new, because you never know if you might like it.