A Day with Caroline

8:30 Homeroom
8:35 Language Arts
9:15 Latin
9:55 Recess
10:10 Orchestra/Advisory
10:35 Math
11:15 Social Studies
11:55 Lunch

A Conversation with Caroline

On what makes FCS unique…

The Friends’ Central community is a community in which you never have to be afraid to be yourself. Our teachers are really encouraging and supportive in whatever we choose to do, and they are always available to talk to you and help you through any sort of problems you may encounter.

On meeting for worship…

At first I didn’t really understand the need for a silent, reflective time. But once I really started to listen to the messages that others gave, I began to appreciate the things that were being said. When someone stands up to speak in meeting, you know that what they are saying means a lot to them, as it takes a lot to talk in front of others. I am now open and able to listen and take in the messages of others and make them a part of my own life, which is what I think meeting for worship is all about. It is about sharing and learning from each other.

On service…

My service is the “Students of Culture” service project in which a number of students gather every week to discuss issues in an honest and open community. Topics range from world issues, to issues that may arise in the classrooms or around the campus here at FCS. It is a wonderful chance to learn from others, and share your own ideas about all sorts of issues, big and small.

Advice to a new student…

My advice to a new student would be to relax, be yourself, and know that you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to others. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to go to a teacher, advisor, or even a friend. Everyone is here to help each other succeed.