8:30 Free Choice Play Time
9:00 Meeting for Worship
9:30 ½ Group Math and Language Arts
10:00 Computers ½ class & Art ½ class
10:30 Snack and Story
11:00 Recess with all of Kindergarten
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Pick a Book or Puzzle Time
1:00 ½ Group Math and Language Arts
1:30 Social Studies/Thematic Work
2:00 Spanish
2:30 Remembering our Day & Good-bye Song
2:50 Dismissal

My teachers are the nicest people in the whole world. We start each day with our “Good Morning Song” and then we talk about exactly what we are going to do.  Sometimes we have a visitor who reads to us. We build a lot and paint. We have Spanish and music, too.

We do so much in Science! We sit in the bird blind and watch the birds. We hike and work in the garden. We also look under microscopes and talk about the animals. Mr. Grove calls us “Duckies.”

Meeting for Worship makes me feel safe. Sometimes I have a hard time being quiet so I play games with my fingers or untie and tie my shoelaces. My teacher says we should try to listen to the sounds inside our bodies.

Recess is so much fun. We have two playgrounds and Bea’s House. The upper playground has bikes and scooters and we built a fort in a big bush. On the lower playground we have a sandbox, a huge wooden jungle gym that looks like a castle, swings, and a wall ball wall that is 4 stories high. We also have two big fields where we play soccer or tag. We play a lot of tag.

I am a school-luncher for the first time this year. I love the stuffed shells, the tacos, and the chocolate cake! We have a moment of silence at every lunch and before snack.

My favorite field trip was to the Mummer’s Museum and the Fabric Workshop—we went to both places on the same day. When my brother was in 1st grade, he went to the Italian Market and learned how to make pasta.